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BRS Director asks the tough IoT home sensor questions in new publication

Should sensors be mandatory? Who will police the data? Who’s looking into the ethics of IoT in social housing? These may seem like abstract questions but it’s the sort of thing that keeps BRS Director Michael McKiernan awake a night and he recently had the chance to explore these issues in the latest issue of […]

Green Home Grant “a missed opportunity to improve indoor air quality”

The UK Government has published its final plans for the Green Home Grant and missed a huge opportunity to improve the health quality of millions of people across the country, claims a leading air quality campaigner. Under the plans, Green Homes Grants will give English homeowners – including owner occupiers and social/private landlords – £5,000 […]

BRS Director writes for Social Housing Matters on indoor air quality

After talking about the missed opportunities for indoor air quality in Scotland in the recent Green Homes Grant and the ChangeWorks and the Climate Emergency Response Group plan, Eight Policy Packages for Scotland’s Green Recovery, BRS Director Raymond McGurk has written for Social Housing Matters to discuss what the UK needs to do to start taking indoor air quality […]

Green Homes Grant must look at indoor air quality and be available to Scots

The Green Homes Grant is a chance for the UK Government to put indoor air quality on a par with other health and environmental efforts for Scots, claims BRS Technology, the Scottish IoT sensor company.