Should sensors be mandatory? Who will police the data? Who’s looking into the ethics of IoT in social housing?

These may seem like abstract questions but it’s the sort of thing that keeps BRS Director Michael McKiernan awake a night and he recently had the chance to explore these issues in the latest issue of Digital Bark, the new publication that aims to explore the technology issues around social housing.

Exploring social housing and technology issues that matter

McKiernan said: “I got into this area because my family – going back to my grandfather – have tried to help and improve social housing. Technology – and in particular the sensor work we are doing – will be able to transform so many aspects of social housing, for tenants and landlords.

Having said that, people need to be informed about the potential and what is involved with this. It’s too important an area for people not to know what is involved.”

McTiernan’s article looks at the questions and challenges Internet of Thing sensor operators should be sitting down and talking to housing associations about.

Amongst the other speakers in Digital Bark’s second edition are experts from SmartRent, Grand Union Housing, Hillcrest Homes, Prima Group, Halton Housing, MRI Social Housing and many others.