Bridges clients and workers

BRS Technologies, the indoor air quality experts, is celebrating its second year of working with specialist refugee and migrant work agency Bridges Programmes as it continues on its mission of using high-technology, AI and machine learning to improve the air quality in homes and offices.

Bridges has been operating since the early 2000s with the aim of helping find work placements for asylum seekers and refugees in Glasgow or those in Scotland for whom English is a second language find jobs or work experience.

Hi-tech coding talent from outside Scotland

BRS started working with Bridges in 2018 when Bridges’ Assistant Director Liz Porter met with one of the directors and saw the potential in a cross over between BRS’ coding needs and the talented people she had available.

She said: “The directors at BRS were very clear in what they were trying to do in their mission of analysing indoor air environments so that owners, landlords, housing associations and others could make sure it is as healthy as possible.

“I told them that we had programmers and coders on our books and since then we’ve supplied people to them – some short-term and some long-term – and we continue to work together where possible.”

The BRS team currently includes not only native Scots, but talent, PhD’s and software developers from the likes of Bulgaira, Libya, Syria, India and Pakistan.

AI to improve air quality in housing

BRS works with major private and social housebuilders, material manufacturers and architects to ensure air quality is as good as can be to remove anything that may cause health issues, mould or other problems.

BRS Director Michael McKiernan said: “When we discovered the talent Bridges had available it made sense on so many levels to get involved with them to help boost the Scottish workforce that we had. 

“We’ve now got talent, PhD’s and software developers from the likes of Bulgaria, Syria, Libya, Syria, India and Pakistan. Not only have we benefitted from their software, AI and machine learning skills  but also the incredible sense of perspective and different insights that has given us.

“We’ve hired from Bridges and we’ll look to do so again when the time is right. How can you not support an agency trying to do the right thing for so many people in Scotland? We’re an incredibly diverse and welcoming country and we should continue to be so.”

Notes to editors:

You can learn more about BRS and Bridges in this blog post.

BRS and Bridges staff are available to interview. Please contact Jim O’Connor by email to arrange.